Mr. FooteThe Mr. Foote Emblem


Play the Original TruCache

Mr. Foote EmblemThe Original TruCache is a geocache-based game for anyone with any amount of outdoor mobility. Follow the clues on the Clues page of this website. When you think you know the location of the Mr. Foote emblem, go get it and claim your prize. All Original TruCache emblems will be mounted in easy-to-access locations on businesses and in public parks.

Play TruCache Extreme

Mr. Foote EmblemTruCache Extreme is a fast paced geocache game solely based on geographic coordinates. On the 23rd of each month coordinates will be posted on the Coordinates page of this website. Follow the coordinates using the navigation device of your choice to find the emblem and claim your prize. The Mr. Foote emblem will be mounted on an array of different objects in many different locations. This game is for those who can travel on uneven ground for at least 100 yards.